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Best Wrestling Shoes:

Wrestling is a sport that is all about leverage, strength, and positioning. You need to have good traction to the wrestling mat in order to get or maintain your advantage. As you maneuver around the ring, your wrestling shoes will help guide you to victory. Let's start with the most popular brands. Asics wrestling shoes dominate the field and Adidas is a close second. Other manufacturers include Nike, Matman, and Otomix. The one major difference between wrestling shoes and regular tennis shoes is how lightweight they are. When wrestling you need to be quick on your feet and movement is essential to a good wrestler. The shoes should also be flexible as you will be in some tough positions and need that extra give. Wrestling shoes will often run 1/2 size to 1 full size larger than what you normally wear in shoes. For example, if you are a size 9 in running shoes, consider a 9 1/2 or 10 in wrestling shoes. The high ankle support is mandatory on any wrestling shoe and a solid rubber sole is essential as well. You will find that sporting good stores like Dick's Sporting Goods sell a variety of wrestling shoes, but the high end shoes will only be sold through select retailers or online at specific wrestling websites. Pricing - $30 to $150 is what you can expect. We would suggest going with a mid-range shoe that costs between $50 and $100.

Wrestling Shoes for Beginners/Youth:

Perhaps you need a smaller shoe. Say your young son or daughter is just getting starting in recreational wrestling. You'll need to find youth wrestling shoes - sizes that will fit a youngster. Many school programs are good about directing parents to the local sporting goods store to find what they need. In the event that you can't locate the proper size for your child, go online to get a good selection of boys wrestling shoes here. For all those girls out there, many of the boys shoes will fit just fine. Wrestlingmart.com is another online store that carries womens wrestling shoes.

Top Selling Wrestling Shoes:

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