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Best Wrestling Mouth Guards:

Wrestling can be a brutal sport with lots of close contact between you and your opponent. There are headlocks, pretzel twists on your body, and plenty of hands and arms flying around trying to get that crucial hold for the win. The headgear protects your ears, but what about your mouth, and I would even go further and suggest protecting your eyes. A wrestling mouth guard is a must. I have worn one for years in other sports like football and basketball, but not all wrestlers choose this one piece of protection that I find very important. When you lose teeth, more often than not it's perminent. Some athletes complain that they can't breathe very well when wearing a mouth piece, but things have changed and the latest mouth guards are way superior to the older ones. Shock Doctor and LoPro make the best wrestling mouth guards that we could find and that is what we recommend to any wrestler. I see these most at high school meets and at the collegiate level as well. Reviews from those that take TaeKwonDo or similar contact sports are very positive. Wrestlers and boxers also say the LoPro is a quality product that keeps their mouth protected during contact. Basic mouth guards are about $5 to $10 while the more expensive models are closer to $15 to $20. You can browse the best selling wrestling mouth guards online here.

Mouth Piece for Teeth Protection:

Perhaps the top rated name with safety equipment for wrestlers is Shock Doctor (they also make athletic supporter cups). The Shock Doctor Power Gel Nano Mouth Guard is a well recognized product and owners couldn't be happier. One comments from an owner mentions "chipped teeth from wrestling" and this mouth guard has eliminated all those wasted trips to the dentist. Get your kids fitted with a mouth guard at an early age so they get used to wearing one. It's hard to make the transition as you get older. I found that my breathing was effected for the longest time with a mouth guard in my mouth while trying to wrestler and it took about 3 months to finally become accustomed to it. I can know breath and wrestle with the Shock Doctor Mouth Guard in my mouth.

Top Selling Wrestling Mouth Guards:

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