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Growing up in my household, all I remember hearing is my dad telling my brothers and I to stop wrestling in the house. He would say go outside if you are going to rough house. I think we would have ventured outside if we had a mat or something softer to wrestler on. When my sons became interested in wrestling I realized they were doing it in our house more often than not. I decided to solve the situation by purchasing a wrestling mat that we placed in our garage. We would roll it out whenever they wanted to get on the mat and have at it. You may find these mats in stores or online sold as "tumbling mats" or gymnastic mats, but you can find them. Many are priced between $100 to $200 and a few like the 10x10 Wrestling Mat from Tiffin ($449) are ideal for sparring and practice. The Tiffin wrestling mats are lightweight and very easy to handle. They never need re-conditioning and the anti-microbial surface maintains a healthy environment in terms of germs. You will find that sporting goods stores sell mats and you can find specialty items online. What we recommend is that you browse the best selling wrestling mats here.

Mats for Wrestling, Martial Arts, Grappling, etc.:

EVA foam mats are popular in gyms and we seen them in homes for practicing. Get Rung sells a 100 sq foot mat (actually 9 pieces that you put together) for $200. The EVA foam mat is waterproof, shock absorbing, durable, and easy to clean. You can put together the mats like a puzzle within minutes. At one inch thick it will allow you to get physical on your garage floor or anywhere else where you can find the space. Gymnastics tumbling mats are also perfect, if you can make sure they stay together while wrestling. They tend to come in 5 x 10 mats (2 inch thick also), so you would have to get two mats and place them side by side to be effective. The Everlast 2X6 Folding Mat at $40 is a good value and at 1 5/8 inch thick you will get protection from being thrown around. They fold easy and store under couches or in closets just fine. I have bought a few of these for our home and the kids really like them. They have held up surprisingly well for about 4 years and are finally on their last leg. A good investment nontheless. .

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