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Wrestling Knee Pads

Best Wrestling Knee Pads:

Knee and elbow pads - Imagine getting knocked to the mat time after time onto your knees, elbows, and even shoulders. What should a wrestler do to get the necessary protection for those body parts. PADS! There are all sorts of wrestling pads you can buy - knee braces, elbow pads, sleeves, etc. You will find some with gel pads, memory foam pads, and extra thick padding. If the wrestler is having some pain in their elbow or knee, then a pad is an excellent solution to easing the discomfort and continuing wrestling. Brands aren't really different, so if you need to test them out, go to your nearest sports store and try a few on to decide which brand and size is best. Sizing will match up with your singlet size. You will find ASICS, Adidas, Brute, Cliff Keen, Mueller and McDavid brands. The pad should be snug, but not cutting off your circulation. I've seen guys in the middle of a live match messing with their knee pads. When your in the third round and the points are close, the last thing you want to be concerned with is your knee or elbow pads slipping. The nylon coated neoprene sleeves are the most popular and they tend to work the best. Reviews for gel wrestling pads are the highest rated, although the wrestling sleeves for knees do just fine for most wrestlers. You can browse the best selling wrestling knee pads here. The Brute Quick Strike Wrestling Knee Pad is available in youth, large and xx large, and x-small and medium. Sells for $10. They are impact absorbing and work great when sparring or practicing although we still prefer the ASICS Gel Wrestling Kneepads or Cliff Keen Lycra Reversible Wrestling Knee Pad for actual match performance.

Wrestling Elbow Pads Youth:

We focused mostly on the knees when writing this article, but don't forget that elbows can take a beating when wrestling on mats as well. I have seen guys get their elbows dislocated - not a pretty sight. When looking for elbow pads, you can try stores like Sports Authority or Dick's Sporting Goods. There selection is limited, but that is what we found even online at wrestling specific websites. Mueller and McDavid are two brands we would recommend. Prices range from $10 to $20 and the pads are good for more than just wrestling. Often people use them for playing volleyball and other sports. Check out the best selling elbow pads online here.

Top Selling Wrestling Knee/Elbow Pads:

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