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Best Wrestling Headgear:

Looking for a wrestling headgear? Keep in mind that a headgear and ear guardsa are considered one in the same when it comes to wrestling. Headgears comes resizable, usually by velcro. The top rated brands are ASICS, Brute, Cliff Keen, and Adidas. Some feel that a certain brand is more comfortable or provides better ear protection, but in our research we found that most brands received high marks from consumers. I advise to try them on and see how they fits. There are three straps, the forehead, back of the head, and the chin. Some of the headgear protection will have chin cups which give you added protection and I would recommend getting. All three can be adjusted to fit properly. It's critical that the headgear, or ear guards, fit exactly the way you want. They should be snug and comfortable against the ears. In wrestling, there are times when your head or face is smack against the mat and you want the best protection possible. Your ears will take a beating if not protected, so the ear guards must stay in place over your ears while wrestling. If you watched the latest Biggest Loser season you saw the ears on Olympic wrestler Rulon Gardner and mangled they looked. A wrestlers ears are the main thing that a head protector will takes care of. The Brute Wrestling Quad Iii Ear Guards comes with a fully adjustable 5-strap system giving you protection and minimal movement. One size fits all - you just adjust the straps to your liking. Browse the best selling wrestling headgears here.

Wrestling Headgear with Chin Strap:

One of the top sellers on the market is the Cliff Keen Tornado Wrestling Headgear which goes for $30. The color selection is probably why this product sells so well - there are over 40 color combinations to choose from. Of course there are other reasons why Cliff Keen wrestling gear sells so well. The patented "air vent system' technology is a plus for keeping cool and the power tab on the fly strapping system makes it easy to adjust the headguard. Get that snug fit within seconds. The deep ear cups provide the necessary protection and comfort that all wrestlers are looking for. All the headgears we found offer a regular chin strap, but you can add a chin cup for added protection if you want. View wrestling headgears with chin straps here.

Top Selling Wrestling Headgears:

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