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Not all sports activities involve physical contact, but if you are a wrestler, be prepared to have your body slammed to the ground, sat on, twisted and periodically hit in not so friendly spots. Athletic supporters have been around for decades and the modern designs are better fitting and offer more protection than ever. Protecting the "family jewels" is essential in wrestling and good thing for products like the Shock Doctor Men's Ultra Supporter with Ultra Carbon Flex Cup which sells for about $25. Available in 5 sizes. Prevents chafing and conforms to your body. The X-Static lining provides anti-microbial protection. Get rid of those odors and bacteria. Reviews are mostly positive for the cup portion, but a few people mention that the seam connecting the cup to the jock strap can tear. When it comes to protection, no one will argue that the cup on the Shock Doctor is the best in the business. Browse the best selling athletic supporters/cups for wrestling here.

Athletic Supporters:

If you are having difficulty finding a cup specifically for wrestling, consider searching sporting goods stores or online baseball shops for things like "catchers gear". Catchers are required to wear an athletic supporter/cup so perhaps you can purchase a similar product and use it for wrestling. I found that many local stores didn't have wrestling gear that matched what we wanted. You may have to buy an athletic supporter and placed a separate cup inside of that for protection.

Top Selling Wrestling Supporters:

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